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Cattle breeding

The self propelled and self loading Cubicle Manager allows for easier day to day management of the cubicle shed
The job of  cleaning and bedding up to 500 cubicles can be completed in a  matter of minutes.
Its main features include:A 20hp 3 Cyl diesel engineTurns on its 1.3m wheelbase Hydraulically driven front wheel drive unit Self loading bucket is driven by a separate gear pump Handles sawdust, straw or powder disinfectants etc

Cleaning and spreading the cubicles is a recurring daily task.
This is possible with the Boreco spreader.
In the past you only saw sawdust , nowadays you see chopped straw, horse manure, a mixture of lime straw and water or separated manure as box filling.
As the dairy farms grow larger, mechanization of that daily work is  important.
The machine is a Dutch manufacture and is produced in Utrecht.
Boreco spreader
The spreader is equipped with a 3-cylinder diesel engine, and is driven on both front wheels by Poclain wheel motors. Because of the low weight of the spreader it can work in any cubicle houses
In the selfloading bucket,  that can be 800 ltr or 1300 ltr is at the bottom a speed-adjustable conveyor belt; 
The throwing disc on the side is also adjustable in speed .