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Workingplatform Onyx

The Onyx is a platform to prune, pick, thin or tie up taller trees. The Onyx has a 3-cylinder diesel engine and is driven on all wheels. This platform has an automatic steering system, a speed and a crawl speed and with a start / stop button on the front and rear, it is a machine with which you can work faster and certainly easier. The work platform is 4.30 m long, so that 3 storage bins can be set up and where you still have room to walk from one side to the other. Despite the length of 4.30 m, the Onyx can turn very short because it is equipped with a turntable steering. For picking, the 2 roller conveyors and possibly a hydraulic unloading system are mounted to be able to unload the full boxes. The Onyx can be expanded with many options.

All wheels hydraulic driven
* Twin tyre design in front and rear
* Manual height and width adjustable
* Hydraulic crown wheel steering
* Automatic steering system
* Galvanised design
* Continue crawling speed
* Start / stop button on front and rear side
  In “V” system the working platform can lower down to 90 cm
*Automatic steering and continue crawling speed makes the pruning and tying a faster, safer and more pleasant way of working