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Root pruning tips

In the row you let the root pruner completely down, so it’s hanging in the 2 top rods.
By turning in- or out the top rods you change the level of the root pruner
The best is you have it ± 10 - 15 cm above the surface
By sliding the bar in or out you change the distance from the frame to undercut to the tree, ( standard is manual, but there is a possibility for hydraulic ) and with the top rod on the upper side you change the angle
For sticking in the knife in the soil, you need weights on the weightcarrier.
How much kilo’s depends on  the condition of the soil. How heavier the soil, the more weights you need to keep the root pruner in balance.
Straight knife in sliding position

Under heavier circumstances we advise you to use the rear bar. Therefore you connect the straight knife in a sliding position. ( see picture )  
Because the straight  knife is partly in the soil, it will helps as an anti pressure  to the  undercut knife. During cutting the straight knife helps to keep the root pruner in balance.

When you notice that the root pruner on the right side ( knife to undercut ) still comes up a little bit, you can change the position of the knife with the correction bolts. First you loosen the 4 bolts on the front side and then you screw the 2 correction bolts on the backside in.