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Selfdriven Spreadingmachine

The weight of the machine is ± 1000 kg and can therefore run over the shelves in any shed. The box spreader is self-loading and can be equipped with a 600 or 1300 liter hopper. The spreader is equipped with a 3-cylinder diesel engine This box spreader is extremely suitable for spreading sawdust. The quantity can be regulated by the speed-adjustable conveyor belt at the bottom of the hopper. The spreading disc on the side, which is also adjustable in speed, determines how far it is scattered. With this spreader you can spread a lot and in the front of the box or a little bit at the rear of the box if you want to spread twice a day.
In the case of mattresses and when people want to spread twice a day, the machine can be expanded with a rotating brush and / or a manure scraper 150 cm wide.